Case for MacBook Pro

Most laptop bags are designed with the focus on good protection and personal looks. There are also bags that can transform into a laptop stand, which in fact are very useful. They provide ergonomics every time and you can setup your laptop quick and easy.  However, the question is, do they look good as a stand in a sophisticated office environment? Are they really quick and easy to setup and pleasant to interact?

With the new concept – StandOut, the answer is yes!

StandOut is a sleek and compact, easy to use stand/case for your MacBook Pro, which can fit both inside and outside environment as a bag, case and a stand. The hard case keeps your MacBook protected in a soft and comfy material. It is also very easy to setup. You can open the lid to use your MacBook straight away and if you tilt the lid further, the case will transform into an elegant and ergonomic stand. The spring-assisted mechanism will guide the user to lift and lock the case in a stand position. Closing the case lid will release the spring lock and the stand can be clicked-in back to its original form.

If you wonder about carrying your MacBook accessories, that is possible as well. The keyboard can fit inside the case. The power cable and a mouse can fit in the shoulder strap pockets. The shoulder strap can also be attached and detached from the casing. It means that you can use your case as a bag with accessories or purely as a hard shell sleeve.