Kickstarting The Belll is a series of blog posts that documents the process of crowdfunding a product design project by Dutch product design firm Veeel. This fourth and final post is all about “Now!” and tells you about behind the scenes insights and our plans, now that the project is successfully funded.


We made it!

After 40 days in our 45 day campaigning period we reached our funding goal of 25000 GBP. What an amazing feeling! You feel so grateful towards all those people who you don’t actually know, but believe in your product. So, first thing you do is thanks them from the bottom of your heart. Next thing you do, is set up a meeting with the manufacturer, because it just got real.

Now what?

This is the moment when you realize that you now have to start living up to the dream. Of course, we planned out everything before launching the campaign, but there are always some details of which you thought “we’ll figure that out later”. Well, later is now! And a good meeting with your manufacturer helps smooth out the remaining wrinkles. Final decisions and advise on the material, the planning, the finishing. It’s really important to have discussed this before production starts, because changes now are a lot faster (and cheaper) than changes later.

Behind the scenes insights

Kickstarter is a great platform. As a project creator it is highly addictive. I’m not exaggerating if the entire Belll team got more addicted to ‘checking’ Kickstarter than let’s say, Facebook. They provide nice stats and charts and even better, they share this data. So, next to their own visualizations, other parties can chart it out in different formats and views. Here are some of the stats of our campaign.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.38.04

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.39.22

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.39.53

Some more fun facts & figures

  • Of the current 29K (=117% funding!) 17K originated directly from Kickstarter and the other 12K from external referrers, so spreading the word is very important!
  • We now have 719 Backers and our average pledge per person is 40 GBP, although the most popular reward (see chart above) is “the entry model”
  • Looking at were people that pledged came from (not Kickstarter or external referrers)
    • Google scored best (2,86% of traffic)
    • Our own website is next (1,96%)
    • Closely followed by our Facebook fan page (1,62%)
    • Combined blogs that wrote about us (0,48%)
    • We’re not very effective on Twitter (0,26%)
    • And neither on LinkedIn (0,05%)

The Belll is successfully funded and will go into production soon, but every form of support is still always welcomed!